WATCH: Sky News Hack Left Flabbergasted After Sargon Of Akkad Refuses to Apologize For Anything

Chris Menahan
Apr. 26, 2019

If there's one lesson the right should learn from Trump's election, it's that apologizing to the fake news media gets you nothing.

Sargon of Akkad, real name Carl Benjamin, is UKIP's candidate for next month's European Parliament elections.

With the prospect he could get actual political power, the media is going over everything he's ever said and taking it out of context to try and take down his candidacy.

Rather than apologize and beg for forgiveness from a media and political class which despises him and the working class voters he's fighting to represent, Sargon is refusing to apologize for anything.

Instead, he just keeps pointing out how the media doesn't want to discuss any real issues and is only interested in drumming up fake outrage over naughty words.

As the latest interview he gave to Sky News shows, media hacks are just left flabbergasted when you don't go along with their BS and actively call them out on it:

Sargon also recorded audio of the entire interview which he released on his YouTube channel.

Here's some other recent videos which went viral:

People are seeing how the fake news media actively looks the other way and covers up controversial statements and actual criminal malfeasance when they're dealing with prog-globalist shills but goes apes**t over every comment anyone challenging the establishment has ever said.

Their phony outrage is as fake as their fake personalities, their fake editing and their fake plastic faces.

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