Trump Tells War Hawks In Congress That He Now Agrees '100%' With Keeping Some Troops In Syria

Chris Menahan
Mar. 06, 2019

"Two months after declaring all U.S. troops are leaving Syria, President Donald Trump wrote to members of Congress that he now agrees "100%" with keeping a military presence in Syria," NBC News reports.

From NBC News:
A bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives wrote to Trump on Feb. 22, applauding his decision to keep a small residual force in Syria.

"We support a small American stabilizing force in Syria," the group wrote, adding that a force "which includes a small contingent of American troops and ground forces from our European allies, is essential to ensure stability and prevent the return of ISIS."

In a copy of the letter obtained by NBC News, Trump highlighted a paragraph in the letter about the U.S. goals in Syria, which said, "Like you, we seek to ensure that all of the gains made in Syria are not lost, that ISIS never returns, that Iran is not emboldened, and that we consolidate our gains and ensure the best outcome in Geneva for American interests."

"I agree 100%. ALL is being done," President Trump responded, writing directly on the letter and signing it.
Sadly, this is not fake news:

Polls showed Trump's base, as well as most Independents, overwhelmingly supported his decision to pull out of Syria (only Democrats were opposed).

Neocons like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush protested against the pullout by saying it was bad for Israel.

Last month, Trump told CBS News that US troops may have to stay in Syria because "we have to protect Israel."

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