MSNBC's Glaude: Mark Meadow's 'White Fragility' Over Being Labeled Racist 'Doesn't Make Him Innocent'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 01, 2019

MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude praised Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib on Thursday for suggesting Republican congressman Mark Meadows is a "racist" and said Meadow's "white fragility" does not "make him innocent."

Glaude said (via NewsBusters):
And let’s be very clear, too, that Mark Meadows’ fragility, the fact that he teared up, doesn’t make him innocent. White fragility doesn’t equal white innocence. And one wonders, right, these are the same people who are so quick to call folks snowflakes. One wonders who’s actually the snowflake here. When he was actually called out in real time.

And so, part of way – let me just say this really quickly, Chris – we’re not going to get beyond this if we hide behind civility. Civility is often the mask of cruelty. What Representative Tlaib did yesterday was to call it out in real time. And now, we can actually have a dialogue. I don’t think she needed to apologize. She called it a racist act, she didn’t call him a racist. So she gave him space to grow. But instead, you know, he cried crocodile tears. Instead of listening to what she was trying to say.
If you take offense at someone trying to ruin your live by nonchalantly smearing you as a "racist" then you're a "snowflake."

Meanwhile, according to Glaude a few weeks ago, if you're a white kid who smiles at a Native American while wearing a MAGA hat you're pretty much a Klansman telling "black people" and "browns" (his words) "to stay in their place."

Interesting how that works!

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