Kim Jong Un At Trump Summit: If I Wasn't Willing to Denuclearize, 'I Wouldn't Be Here Right Now'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 28, 2019

Peacemaker Trump is best Trump!

From CNN:
During a brief press conference ahead of his meeting with President Trump, a journalist asked North Korea's Kim Jong Un if he was willing to fully dismantle his nuclear arsenal.

"If I’m not willing to do that, I wouldn’t be here right now," Kim responded through an interpreter.
A CNN translator said Kim's original phrase could also be interpreted as "I wouldn't have come here, if I didn't have the will."

After Kim's reply, Trump responded, "That's a good answer. Wow. That might be the best answer you've ever heard."
I love watching these scenes (especially knowing how much the media hates them):

I don't think Kim is going to denuclearize for the same reason Tulsi Gabbard highlighted on Monday:

As NBC News reported on Wednesday, Trump wisely backed off the issue:

From NBC News:
U.S. negotiators are no longer demanding that North Korea agree to disclose a full accounting of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs as part of talks this week between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, according to current and former senior U.S. officials.

The decision to drop, for now, a significant component of a potential nuclear deal suggests a reality that U.S. intelligence assessments have stressed for months is shaping talks as they progress: North Korea does not intend to fully denuclearize, which is the goal Trump set for his talks with Kim.

Disclosure of a full, verifiable declaration of North Korea’s programs is the issue over which the last round of serious negotiations between Pyongyang and world powers, including the U.S., fell apart a decade ago.
Kim is not going to become Gaddafi because every indicator suggests he already has nuclear weapons. Trying to boss him around is not going to work. On the other hand, Trump's silver tongue appears to making great progress.

Of course, our evil media -- which has been cheering for war in Venezuela -- is doing everything in their power to sabotage the meeting and get everyone to focus on idiot Michael Cohen.

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