Fox News Pushes NewsGuard Alt-Media Blacklist: 'It's Actually A Good Idea... They're Calling It Like It Is'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 28, 2019

Fox News's Kurt Knutsson threw his support behind the neocon-backed alt-media blacklisting operation "NewsGuard" on Friday, telling Fox & Friends viewers the program is "fair" and a "good idea."

As Breitbart reports:
Knutsson said:
This is a filter. So Microsoft has decided, in their latest mobile browser called Edge, that they’re going to make this as part of the browser that you can just simply see a badge. … What it does is it comes in red if it’s “unreliable,” and it comes in green if it’s “reliable” or trustworthy sources.

The [browser] add-on is from NewsGuard Tech and its former journalists … that run it. There are actually human beings behind it, and it’s actually a good idea. When I looked pretty closely at it, it’s pretty fair. They’re giving some criticism to the left, to the right–pretty right down the middle, and they’re calling it like it is.

Knutsson’s only concern is if Silicon Valley, is if Facebook grabs control of NewsGuard, but as is, with establishment types running the blacklist, he thinks it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

Well, of course, the backstabbers at Fox News love this blacklist. Why wouldn’t they? 1) Fox News is not blacklisted and 2) Fox News’s competition at Breitbart News and other right-leaning sites are blacklisted.

And so, what we have here from Fox News is a perfect example of “I’ve got mine” or “I’m going to appease the alligator, hoping he eats me last.”
I actually don't think they'll ever come for Fox News because the establishment doesn't view Fox News as a threat (outside of Tucker Carlson). This is purely about shutting down all alternative media because they're desperate to seize back the narrative.

They're furious that we're able to expose their fake news hoaxes every single day -- as just happened most spectacularly with the Covington Catholic story -- and in a fit of desperation they're just moving to try and shut the actual free press down.

Fortunately, Breitbart has been doing great work exposing this scam over the past two weeks:

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