Tucker: 'In 2003, Warren Wrote A Book About How The Entry of Mothers Into The Workforce Has Been a Disaster For Families'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 08, 2019

On his show Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted a 2003 book from Elizabeth Warren and her daughter where they argued "the entry of mothers into the workforce has been a disaster for families and the country."

"In 2003, Elizabeth Warren wrote a book about how the entry of mothers into the workforce has been a disaster for families and the country," Carlson tweeted along with a monologue from his show.

The book was titled, "The Two-Income Trap."

Here's parts two and three:

Tucker has been taking heat from the fake news for saying similar in an epic monologue last week.

Everything Tucker has said -- which the media attacked him viciously for -- is born out by the evidence:

The Washington Post reported in December 2016 that white women are also now drinking themselves to death at record rates.

"Thirty-one percent of the women with a college degree reported drinking multiple days a week, compared with 21 percent of women with some college and 14 percent of women with a high-school education or less," the Washington Post reported.

Economic gains are mostly being concentrated in the hands of a tiny globalist elite.

Deaths of despair among the white working-class are surging (and this is being cheered by the left).

According to the left, merely raising these issues as a topic for discussion is a hate crime.

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