Trump Admin Scraps Obama-Era Rule Which Likely Helped Parkland Shooter Stay Out Of Justice System

Chris Menahan
Dec. 13, 2018

The Trump administration is moving to scrap an Obama-era rule which allows criminal students like Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz to stay out of the criminal justice system in the name of "fighting systemic racism."

Parkland father Andrew Pollack celebrated the move Monday on Twitter:

From Washington Post, "Betsy DeVos panel rejects Obama-era effort to reduce discrimination in school discipline":
President Trump's school safety commission will recommend canceling an Obama-era initiative meant to reduce racial disparities in school discipline and will not recommend new gun restrictions, people familiar with the matter said.

[...]The guidance, issued by the Education and Justice departments in 2014 as a letter to school officials, puts districts on notice that they could be in violation of federal civil rights law if black students or other students of color are suspended, expelled or otherwise disciplined at higher rates than white students.
The only explanation for different disciplinary rates is "racism."

Anyone who disagrees will face a federal civil rights investigation!
The decision to revoke the guidance depends on DeVos, who also chairs the Federal Commission on School Safety, created in the aftermath of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. A former student, Nikolas Cruz, is charged with murder in connection with the shooting.

[...]After the Parkland shooting, some conservatives pointed to the discipline guidance as partly to blame. There were reports Cruz had participated in Broward County's Promise program, which provides alternatives to arrest for some students. The program was considered an early example of the kind of initiative the Obama discipline guidelines encouraged.
Those reports were confirmed and keeping Cruz out of the justice system in the name of "fighting racism" allowed him to legally buy a gun.
[...]In March, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wrote DeVos and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the goals of the discipline guidance were "laudable." But he said they lacked "basic common sense and an understanding that failure to report troubled students, like Cruz, to law enforcement can have dangerous repercussions."
Literally every week there's another massive brawl inside another school in the US.

This video was shared on Instagram just last week:

Here's another from Illinois:

And another from Oklahoma (these are two different games):

This was last month in Las Vegas:

Last month in St. Louis, Missouri:

There's tons more. Just search Liveleak and YouTube for "school brawl" and you'll find a near-endless list with many of the recent fights getting little to no views.

This is literally an epidemic but because it doesn't suit the media's narrative it's completely ignored and most Americans have no idea it's even going on.

The only time it breaks through slightly is when teachers resign en masse as happened last year in Pennsylvania:

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