Cruz to Caravan: 'Make Yourself At Home' At Homes of Beto Supporters - 'They Don't Believe in Walls!'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 02, 2018

Ted Cruz joked on Tuesday that if the migrant caravan manages to make it into the US they should "make [themselves] at home" at the homes of Beto O'Rouke supporters where they can get "free housing, free food [and] free health care."

From KTSM:
Cruz rallied in San Angleo on Tuesday, discussing issues such as immigration. During his speech, he specifically made his feelings clear to his supporters that the caravan of Central American migrants were not welcomed, but, if they made it they should turn to O'Rourke's supporters for help.

"When you get here, we have identified homes, that are willing to take you in to give you free housing, free food, free health care," Cruz said. "And every one of these homes is self identified with a little black and white sign that says Beto. Don't bother knocking, just kick the door and they don't believe in walls, so just let yourself in, and make yourself at home."
This should be the standard response anytime a lib says we need to let these people in. Tucker used it against Jorge Ramos last week to hilarious effect:

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