WashPo: "Silicon Valley is Trying to Help Democrats Capture Congress in 2018"

Chris Menahan
Oct. 29, 2018

Silicon Valley is not biased against right-wingers!

It's just a coincidence that they're pouring millions of dollars into the Democrats' coffers and dedicating entire teams to work on their behalf (while giving next to nothing to Republicans)!

From Washington Post:
Lauren Baer faces a tough task on Election Day: She's a first-time Democratic candidate for Congress vying against a veteran Republican in "one of the swingiest swing districts" in southeastern Florida, as she puts it.

Like many in her party, Baer says she benefits from a secret weapon - one that is 2,500 miles away from her slice of the Sunshine State. In Silicon Valley, Baer is among a flood of candidates capitalizing on new apps, activist groups and other organizations that spawned after President Donald Trump's 2016 victory with the explicit goal of triggering a Democratic wave this November.

As voters prepare to head to the polls, the tech industry's talented, well-heeled engineers and entrepreneurs have been plugging into Democratic campaigns around the country. They've donated their time and money toward giving the party a digital edge, aiding the most distant local candidates and the Democrats' more ambitious quest to snatch control of the U.S. Congress from Republicans' grasp.

Many of these newly awakened tech workers are motivated by Trump's controversial policies on issues including immigration, and they're focused on closing what they perceive to be an innovation gap with the GOP, two years after Trump effectively tapped Facebook, Twitter and other data-heavy tools on his road to victory. One outgrowth of the Valley's efforts, an app called MobilizeAmerica, has helped Baer find potential supporters in Florida's 18th District, a chunk of the state about the size of Rhode Island. The app helped the campaign knock on more than 2,000 doors during a campaign event held a month before Election Day, aides said.

"After the 2016 election, I think we saw a number of individuals in the tech space, in Silicon Valley and also around the country, frankly saying they wanted to use technology for good," said Baer, who stands to become Florida's first openly lesbian representative in Congress if she wins. "And because of that, we've seen a proliferation of new tools."
It goes on and on. None of it is interesting because they don't admit they're rigging search results and using their systemic power to interfere in our elections (which amounts to illegal in-kind donations).

Here's a simple example. When you search "vote" on Google for most people the first result is the left-wing activist organization Vote.org (which was recently pushed by Taylor Swift), rather than the non-partisan Vote.gov.

Vote.org, which tries to take all your information, has resistance activists like these two on their board:

It almost goes without saying Google and YouTube rigged all their search results by essentially creating a "whitelist" of corporate fake news sites which show up at the top of search results for nearly every topic, while the 1 billion or so websites which used to be able to be found on the open internet are now effectively blacklisted.

I gave a perfect example of how this new scheme works two months ago:

That's pretty much what they've done to the entire open internet. Google's went from being a portal to the world to a walled garden of mostly fake news sites. This is all being done just to stop President Trump and the populist movement behind him.

All that said, ignore the noise and just get out and vote Republican down the line.

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