Coulter Warns GOP Senators: Hold Full Kavanaugh Vote 'Right Away' Before Leftists Turn Violent

Chris Menahan
Sep. 28, 2018

As leftists were going apes**t on Capitol Hill over the Senate Judiciary Committee moving to confirm Judge Kavanaugh on Friday, Ann Coulter issued a warning to GOP Senators that if they don't hurry up and hold a full vote their lives are potentially going to be in danger.

"Full senate should vote right away," Coulter tweeted. "Otherwise every GOP senator will need armed guards and a bulletproof vest tonight."

Coulter shared this video of enraged leftists screaming at Jeff Flake around 20 minutes earlier:

A suspected rabid leftist using a congressional computer started doxxing the home addresses of Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Twitter and Wikipedia after Thursday's hearings.

Shortly after Coulter tweeted her warning, Drudge posted this disturbing article from PJ Media showing how leftists on Twitter are openly discussing strategies for "ambushes and assassinations" against their political enemies. (Of course, it's Alex Jones who needs to be banned!)

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre warned last year at CPAC that leftists may start committing terrorism in the US if they keep losing.

Needless to say: they're losing.

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