Liberal Sen. Angus King Tells First Responders Russian Hacking Was Just Like 9/11

Chris Menahan
Sep. 11, 2018

Sharing B-Tier memes and spending a few mil on Facebook ads is pretty much the same as 9/11, at least according to liberal Maine Senator Angus King.

From Breitbart:
Sen. Angus King (I-ME) on Tuesday compared Russian election meddling to the terror attacks of September 11, 2011, during his remarks at a 9/11 Remembrance event in Lewiston, Maine.

“They used airplanes into towers,” King said of the 19 hijackers who carried out the terror attacks. “Now people can use the click of a computer key in St. Petersburg, Russia to attack,” the lawmaker continued, later adding, “It’s an attack that continues and it’s the same kind of attack today that occurred in 2001.”
King made the controversial remarks while addressing firefighters and 9/11 first responders.

[...]This is not the first instance in which King has compared Russian hacking with 9/11. In a February interview with CNN, the senator said Russian election interference was “one of the most serious attacks” on the U.S. since September 11, 2001. “This is a serious threat,” he told New Day host Alisyn Camerota. “It’s one of the most serious attacks on our country since Sept. 11.”
This is not a good meme, yet libs keep repeating it and repeating it.

This is what liberals actually believe!

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