Dem Rep to ICE Agents Following Trump's Orders: 'You Will Not Be Safe'

Chris Menahan
Aug. 31, 2018

While the media has whipped themselves into hysteria over a random elderly California man threatening some Boston Globe reporters and calling them "the enemy of the people," elected Democrats are busy telling ICE agents that "when the worm turns you will not be safe."

From Fox News:
A Democratic lawmaker issued a startling warning to government officials involved in “illegal” deportations that they “will not be safe” from future punishment when Donald Trump is no longer president.

“If you are a US government official and you are deporting Americans be warned,” Arizona Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego tweeted early Thursday. “When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President's administration.”

Gallego’s comments go beyond those of other Democrats, even those who've called for confronting Trump administration officials in public over immigration policies.

Chris Crane, the president of the National ICE Council, which represents thousands of ICE employees, accused Gallego of inciting violence against them as they “enforce the nation’s laws and keep our communities safe.”

“It should be frightening to every American that a sitting member of Congress would threaten the safety of any person and their family, and incite the public to take acts of violence against them, let alone the lives of those whose job it is to protect us and keep us safe,” Crane said in a statement.
Remember folks, Trump is a complete lunatic for telling Christian leaders behind closed doors on Monday that if the Democrats win in the midterms "they will overturn everything that we've done and they will do it quickly and violently."

These Democrats are agents of peace!

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