Jacksonville Madden Shooter Came From A Broken Home

Chris Menahan
Aug. 27, 2018

Jacksonville mass shooter David Katz came from a broken home, was hospitalized for mental illness and on two occasions was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depression medication.

From The Daily Caller:
The video gamer who allegedly shot up a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, was previously hospitalized for mental illness.

David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, Maryland, killed two people and wounded nine others before turning the gun on himself on Sunday.

Court records obtained by the Associated Press show that Katz was previously hospitalized in psychiatric facilities on two occasions and was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depression medication.

The records are a part of divorce filings for Katz’s parents and they reveal that the Katz family had disagreements on how to handle their son’s issues. Katz’s father reportedly accused his wife of exaggerating Katz’s mental health issues as part of their custody battle.
The Times of Israel has more on Katz's background:
A crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun tweeted that court records relating to the divorce of Katz’s parents say that he had “significant medical problems and healthcare needs.”

According to Business Insider, announcers at a 2017 tournament said that Katz was not showing “much emotion” while playing his games.

“David Katz keeps to himself. He’s a man of business,” the announcer said. “He’s not here to make friends.”

“You can’t even get him to open up about anything, it’s like pulling teeth,” he added.

[...]Katz was reportedly Jewish.

On Sunday evening, the FBI said, its agents searched a family home of the man authorities believed was behind the attack. Photographs from the scene of the raid appeared to show a mezuzah attached to the doorframe.

[...]A neighbor said that Katz and his father were unassuming.

“There’s nothing remarkable about them,” said a neighbor. “There’s not anything suspicious about them at all. We have lived here for a long time and we never talk to them.”

A reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore said that according to Maryland court records, Katz’s parents were divorced in 2007 and that at the time, his father worked for NASA and his mother for the FDA.
A 2016 study found the overwhelming majority of school shooters came from broken homes.

"Out of this sample of 56 school shooters, only 10 (18%) grew up in a stable home with both biological parents," Peter Langman, Ph.D. reported. "In other words, 82% of the sample either grew up in dysfunctional families or without their parents together (for at least part of their lives)."

The last school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was born from a one night stand to a drug addict who had no idea who the father was. His adoptive father died when he was very young and he and his brother were raised by his adoptive mother.

Our mass shooting problem is a product of our sick, "progressive" culture which is obsessed with destroying the nuclear family and demonizing masculinity.

This was shown in great detail last week when Gab was innundated with hate by leftists on Twitter after posting a picture of an idyllic family from the 1950's along with the text, "This is what they want to destroy."

This is the type of response he got:

Leftists know only destruction. They've declared war on normalcy.

In such a sick society, raising a healthy family and fighting to shield your kids from this plague is the ultimate act of rebellion.

CORRECTION: The Reddit account Ravenchamps, which was referenced in this article, was not owned by David Katz but instead "the real owner of the account was a Minnesota native named Pavel," NBC News reports.

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