Pure Ignorance: Nets Push Fake News About 3D Printed Guns

By Nicholas Fondacaro
News Busters
Aug. 01, 2018

For days, the liberal media have been experiencing a Chernobyl level meltdown about a Texas company releasing online instructions for 3D printing plastic weapons that actually fire real bullets. Of course, none of them did their homework and spewed inaccurate nonsense in an effort to stoke public fear of guns. After a liberal judge in Seattle blocked the release on Tuesday, the broadcast networks sang their praises with one network touting Democrats who said President Trump had blood on his hands.

[Warning: The level of pure ignorance you’re about to be exposed to may be hazardous to your health]

“Let's turn now to a late development in the race to stop what some fear is the next gun threat: plastic weapons,” announced anchor Lester Holt during NBC Nightly News. “And tonight, a federal judge has just blocked a release of blueprints for the guns after several states took legal action to stop their release.”

The case in question involved gun rights advocate Cody Wilson and his company Defense Distributed. NBC reporter Tom Costello suggested it was the Trump administration that would allow 3D printed guns on the street “after the Obama administration sued to block [Wilson].” Bottom line, the blueprints to build firearms have been easily available online for years and Wilson’s case was about the international sale of firearms since the blueprints were online.

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