Doctor Who Sued Trump Accused of Sexual Assault by Apparent Ex-Girlfriend On Twitter

Kristina Nguyen
The Daily Dot
Jul. 13, 2018

Eugene Gu, the doctor famous for successfully suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter, has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who says she's his ex.

The woman, a medical student who goes by the username @DoctorMeowskis detailed her months-long relationship with Gu in a Twitter thread on Wednesday. She said that in addition to sexually assaulting her, Gu spent months impersonating a woman and talking to her through a now-deleted fake account.

According to @DoctorMeowskis' posts, she and Gu developed a relationship after Gu found her through #GirlMedTwitter, a hashtag @DoctorMeowski created to empower women in the medical field. Gu began texting her frequently and said they would be Twitter's "power couple." @DoctorMeowskis said that because of her recent breakup with an emotionally distant ex-boyfriend, she felt comforted by Gu's affection and attention.

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