MSNBC's Joy Reid Leads Twitter Hate Mob Smearing Conservative Woman As 'Racist'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 02, 2018

MSBNC host Joy Reid led a Twitter hate mob falsely accusing a conservative woman of shouting "dirty Mexican" at a 14-year-old during a Simi Valley City Council meeting last week.

March For Our Lives activist Alan Vargas put a fake description on a photo from The Ventura County Star claiming conservative Rosalyn La Liberte yelled "dirty Mexican" and "you are going to be the first deported" at 14-year-old Joseph Luevanos.

"Spread this far and wide this woman needs to be put on blast," Vargas said.

[Copy in case it's deleted.]

Joy Reid tweeted out the false claims to her 1.24 million followers and made it go mega-viral:

Left-wing hate mobs doxxed La Liberte and targeted her for destruction:

It was all based on lies.

From FOX 11 LA, "People online twist the real story behind photo of woman yelling at boy":
A photo taken by the Ventura County Star that's been making the social media rounds has become twisted as it churns its way through the internet. Activists have been spinning it in different directions. Some have even alerted companies doing business with Rosalyn La Liberte's contracting company that they should boycott her firm. In the photo she LOOKS like she's verbally attacking a 14-year old boy. Now, the two people in the photo are speaking out!

La Liberte tells FOX 11 News, “I’m not an evil person. I’m a mother of five... a Grandma of four."

But, in a tweeted-photo that’s raced through social media like a wildfire that’s exactly how it looks. Looks can be deceiving. La Liberte doesn’t live in Simi Valley but went to this past week’s city council meeting because she says she’s passionate about the Federal Government’s fight against California’s sanctuary state status.

14-year old Joseph Luevanos was there to take the other side.

During a recess in the meeting the teenager says he started a conversation with the woman to try and understand her feelings, “but, I felt like she was still trying to keep it civil which I appreciate."

Both he and his mom say there were rude people saying ugly things like the teen would be the first to be deported. For the record, he was born and raised in this part of Southern California and he didn’t like that. But, he says, what you see in the photo isn't a confrontation but a conversation.

La Liberte says, "I never said anything disparaging. I never did."
Kudos to FOX 11 LA for telling the truth.

The Democratic Party loves to claim they're all about "unity" and "bringing the country together."

The reality is they're a party of hate intent on destroying the lives of every patriot in America.

They want to lead high-tech lynch mobs like this against everyone who stands between them and total power and they have the full backing of the lying media and big tech aiding them in their attempted Reconquista.

Plan accordingly.

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