Trump Mocks 'Lowlife' Colbert, 'Lost Soul' Fallon, And 'No Talent' Kimmel At SC Rally

Chris Menahan
Jun. 26, 2018

God Emperor Trump hilariously mocked the untalented hacks of late night television at an epic rally Monday in South Carolina.

Trump first mocked Jimmy Fallon for apologizing two years later for "humanizing" him by ruffling with his hair two years ago then went on to hit all the others.

From Mediaite:
When Trump brought this up on Monday night, he sarcastically remarked that Fallon is "going to lose all of us" for being sorry about the interview. He went on to trash Stephen Colbert as a "lowlife," and said Jimmy Kimmel is "terrible" has "no talent."
"Honestly, are these people funny?" Trump asked. "I can laugh at myself. Frankly, if I couldn't, I'd be in big trouble. But they're no talent. They're not talented people."

After Trump told a really dismissive story about the time he went on Kimmel's show, he called Fallon a "lost soul" and bragged about how he gave him a ratings boost by appearing on his program. He continued to say that Fallon "really hurt himself" by apologizing, and then he eventually worked in a complaint about how Arnold Schwarzenegger ruined The Apprentice.
After Trump mocked Fallon on Twitter Sunday, Fallon responded by donating money to a charity working to flood America with illegals.

Then, likely in a drunken stupor, Fallon forgot to log onto his burner account before tweeting to himself, "This is great!! Thank you."

He later deleted the tweet.

The media completely ignored the humiliating incident (with the sole exception of the Washington Free Beacon).

Regardless, this rally shows once again that President Trump is the funniest man in America.

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