'The Economist' Polls Readers On Support For Open Borders, Doesn't Get Intended Results

Chris Menahan
Jun. 05, 2018

Establishment mouthpiece The Economist posted a poll Tuesday on Twitter to get Americans jazzed about our "#OpenFuture" with open borders -- it backfired in hilarious fashion.

The Economist's poll asked, "Overall, what effect do you think migration has on your country?" and included the hashtag, "#OpenFuture."

Directly below the poll, The Economist linked to an article on their website titled, "How to convince sceptics of the value of immigration?" along with a graphic saying, "Openness to newcomers is morally right, economically beneficial and culturally enriching."

Globalists spend a lot of time thinking about these issues:

As you can see below, the poll didn't seem to get the results they intended.

If you actually read The Economist piece they linked, they just rehash the whole "we need immigrants to pick our cotton" defense spouted recently by George W. Bush.

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