BBC Piece Defining 'Modern British Identity' To Schoolkids Doesn't Go Over Well

Chris Menahan
Apr. 10, 2018

The BBC produced a propaganda piece for children purportedly examining "what it means to be British today in a modern, multicultural society."

The piece is part of the "BBC Teach" series titled "How Government Works" which was created to teach children ages 14-16 about the UK's history.

"Britain is a nice big melting pot of people and in the modern era we became a truly globalized nation with this thing called the British Empire," the BBC says. "That meant that as well as British people sailing off everywhere, people came from all over the world to Britain to work, study, or find safety from oppression."

While in the "1920s" you used to get on a bus and hear people speaking English, today "you might well hear someone talking Swahili, next to someone talking Australian English, next to someone talking Latvian, next to someone talking Urdu."

"The citizenship test defines the essential British values as democracy, the rule of law individual liberty, tolerance and equality," they say.

"Even though the UK as a whole has become a far more diverse and tolerant place incidents of racist attacks has been rising in recent years," the BBC ominously warns.

The BBC goes on to say there's "no easy way to define British identity" and says there's no way to say if "Sue," a white woman who is "pro-EU" and lives in Glasgow is "more British" than "Jamal," a Pakistani man who is "pro-Brexit" and lives in Birmingham.

"Perhaps the only thing we all have in common is liking fish and chips," the BBC concludes. "That's a vegetable from South America plus a way of cooking fish that came from Jewish refugees. You can't get more British than that!"

Incidentally, it's not going over very well. As of this posting, the video has only 12 upvotes compared to over 1,900 downvotes. Comments are disabled.

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