Julian Assange Cut Off From Communicating With The Outside World

Chris Menahan
Mar. 28, 2018

Julian Assange was officially cut off from communicating with the outside world on Wednesday by the government of Ecuador, most likely due to pressure from the US and EU.

Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK since 2012 after being granted asylum. He faces arrest by UK authorities if he dares to step outside the embassy for breaching bail conditions. Assange fears he will be extradited to the US if arrested by the UK and jailed for life or worse.

Here's Breitbart's translation:
The Government of Ecuador suspended the systems allowing Julian Assange to communicate with the outside from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the citizen remains in a situation of international protection for six years due to risks to his life and integrity.

The measure was adopted following Assange’s failure to abide by a written commitment he assumed with the Government at the end of 2017 that obliged him to not send messages that involve interference in the relations of other States.

The Government of Ecuador warns that Assange’s behavior, with his messages through social media, puts the good relations that the country has with the United Kingdom, the rest of the states of the European Union, and other nations at risk. Due to this, and in order to prevent potential prejudices, the embassy in London interrupted this 27 of May communications abroad which Assange had access to.

The Executive also maintains open the way for the adoption of new measures before the lack of fulfillment of commitments on Assange’s behalf.
Former CIA director Mike Pompeo called Assange an "enormous threat" they're "working to take down" late last year:

Kimdotcom is talking about Assange's communications being cut off live on YouTube:

Some of Assange's last tweets were questioning the Skripal poisoning scheme, for which he was attacked by UK government minister Alan Duncan as a "miserable little worm":

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