Christian Refugee Returns to Syria: 'I Was Scared When I Saw How Many Refugees Openly Pledged to ISIS'

Chris Menahan
Mar. 17, 2018

Christian refugee Spiro Haddad, 25, told German TV he fled Austria because he feared for his life after seeing how many fellow refugees "openly pledged to Al-Nusra and ISIS."

Haddad spent 3,000 on smugglers to get into Austria but quickly realized he wasn't safe revealing he was a Christian.

"They would soon make mosques out of the churches," Haddad said. "I had to speak as they spoke, I could not contradict them."

Haddad warned Europeans, saying "it's not good that Europe is open to all."

"ISIS and Al-Nusra want to destroy everything, even with you," he said. "If you do not understand that, I'm pessimistic for the future of Europe."

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