Meet Alison Downie, The Leftist Professor Destroying a Kid Because He Said There Are Only Two Genders

The Ralph Retort
Mar. 12, 2018

Another day, another travesty going on at one of our nation’s institutions of higher learning. This one is particularly galling, however. Lake Ingle, a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has been barred from class and could be prevented from graduating all because he told nutty leftist professor Alison Downie that, according to biologists, there are only two genders. Oh, and he disputed the wage gap myth with, get this, facts and figures!

No wonder he pissed this loon off. From Campus Reform...
A student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania has been barred from attending a religious studies class required for graduation after pointing out that there are only two genders…

According to Lake Ingle [the student in question], the class was forced to watch a Ted-Talk on February 28 featuring Paula Stone, a transgender woman, who gave examples of “mansplaining,” “male privilege,” and systematic sexism. Following the video, Ingle wrote that the instructor “opened the floor to WOMEN ONLY. Barring men from speaking until the women in the class have had their chance to speak.”…

“The floor was opened, and not a single woman spoke. Thirty seconds or so passed and still no woman had spoken. So, I decided it was permissible for me to enter the conversation, especially because I felt the conversation itself was completely inappropriate in its structure,” Ingle told Campus Reform. “I objected to the use of the anecdotal accounts of one woman’s experience to begin a discussion in which they were considered reality. It was during my objection that Dr. Downie attempted to silence me because I am not a woman.”
Here’s that Ted Talk, by the way:

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