Sam Nunberg Apologizes To Sarah Sanders, Is Complying With Mueller And Thinks The Media Was Fair To Him

The Daily Caller
Mar. 06, 2018

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg told The Daily Caller he is sorry for attacking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will comply with special counsel Robert Mueller’s order to turn over some email correspondence and believes he was treated fairly by the media during his Monday media blitz.

“It was wrong of me to attack Sarah,” Nunberg told TheDC. “Sarah’s very talented. It was a rude comment. I understand she was just doing her job, and I think she does a very good job under rough circumstances… I owe her an apology. I was having a rough day.”

Nunberg called Sanders at various points throughout Monday “unattractive,” a “fat slob,” and warned her to “shut her mouth.” The former Trump campaign aide undertook a media blitz Monday in which he vacillated on whether he would comply with special counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena to turn over email correspondence with he exchanged with multiple individuals on the Trump campaign, including Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

Nunberg told TheDC he is now undergoing the process of complying with Mueller’s subpoena by sifting through and copying his emails. He credited his decision to comply to the counsel of Professor Maya Wiley, whom he spoke with live on air during a Monday appearance on Ari Melber’s MSNBC show. Nunberg stressed he still “doesn’t know” if he will appear Friday before investigators as requested.

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