NY Times: "The Fate Of The Universe" May Rest On Trump's Budget

Chris Menahan
Feb. 20, 2018

The New York Times warned Monday that "the fate of the universe" may be at stake because of President Trump's budget.

"The fate of the universe, as well as the nature of physics may depend on the nature of dark energy," The Times wrote on Twitter. "Trump's NASA budget seeks to cancel the Wfirst spacecraft that would investigate it."

I guess we should just pack it all up folks -- we're done here!

We could have solved the mysteries of the universe, but Bronald Blumpf had to go and screw it all up!

Incidentally, if you actually read the article it says the decision was made by NASA's acting administrator:
In a statement accompanying the budget, Robert M. Lightfoot Jr., the agency’s acting administrator, called the deletion “one hard decision,” citing the need to divert resources to “other agency priorities.” NASA is shifting its focus back to the moon.
As progressive liberals, I think we can all agree we should instead be spending our money on helping transgenders make "the perfect transition," which is far more important to modern society than studying the intricacies of "dark energy!"

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