Subnautica Devs Capitulate to SJWs, Fires Employee For Conservative Views

One Angry Gamer
Feb. 06, 2018

Unknown Worlds has fired the sound designer at the company for making politically incorrect comments and cohorting with Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson.

New Normative, a progressive gaming outlet, is reporting that the gaming forum ResetEra setup threads to witch hunt Unknown Worlds’ Polish sound designer, Simon Chylinski.

The threads were based on tweets that another progressive indie developer put together after scouring through Chylinski’s Twitter feed. The user screen-capped comments that Chylinski made that aligned with common Conservative viewpoints regarding third-world countries, immigration and feminism.

ResetEra – the new forum that was made after the moderators and staff left NeoGaf following the sexual misconduct allegations levied at the owner and the child porn charges that surfaced for a former moderator – decided to witch hunt on Chylinski and pester the higher ups at Unknown Worlds until they finally fired Chylinski, which was confirmed in a thread by Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter.

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