Trump Effect: American Worker Displacement, Immigrant Population, Black Unemployment ALL DECLINE!

Edwin S. Rubenstein
Jan. 10, 2018

Forget the Wolff book brouhaha and Trump's latest DACA dalliance--the real story is outside the Beltway, where real people live and work. December marked the fifth month in a row in which the immigrant working-age population (legal and illegal) declined from the same month of the prior year. Simultaneously, immigrant displacement of American workers, also apparently confirming a trend that began in September. And, by the way, black unemployment is at a record low.

What started after the 2016 election as a reduction in the rate of increase in the foreign-born population of working age has turned into an outright retreat. This is in dramatic contrast to the last months of the Obama Regime, which saw year-over-year increases in immigrant working-age population far in excess of the estimated 1 million legal immigrants admitted annually, and which I argued meant that an unreported illegal alien surge was underway.

According to the Labor Department employment report released last Friday, December there were 77,000 fewer working-age immigrants (legal and illegal) in the country in December 2017 than in December 2016--a decline of 0.18%. This follows year-over-year drops of 138,000 in August, 143,000 in September, and 117,000 in October, and 64,000 in November.

Not since the Great Recession has the foreign-born working-age population declined for five consecutive months--but now, in telling contrast, the economy is expanding. This makes the Trump Era immigrant workforce decline especially striking.

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