Rep. Rooney Defends Call For 'Purge' At FBI: 'They Were Trying to Work to Impede Donald Trump'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 28, 2017

On Wednesday, Florida Republican representative Francis Rooney defended his call for a "purge" of "deep state" operatives at the FBI, despite media hysteria.

"It might be a pretty strong word. I'm not, maybe, the most nuanced political person in the world coming from a career in business, but I'm pretty frustrated by all the things that have come out," Rep. Rooney told CNN.

Rooney said FBI agent Peter Strzok's texts and Bruce Ohr's connections with Fusion GPS showed a "lack of impartiality" which goes "beyond just having political views."

"I'm not saying it necessarily influenced the investigation but they certainly were trying to work to impede Donald Trump, thatís what the guy said in those emails," Rooney went on to say. "And I just donít know that someone in the FBI and DOJ ought to be doing that kind of stuff with all the power and authority they have over American citizens."

Unlike most congressmen, Rooney is clearly not a stooge being blackmailed by the deep state.

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