Obama Suggests Trump Akin to Hitler: '60 Million People Died...You've Got to Pay Attention and Vote'

Chris Menahan
Dec. 07, 2017

During a Q&A session before the Economic Club of Chicago on Tuesday night, Barack Obama suggested President Trump was akin to Adolf Hitler and may kill millions in an American genocide.

He said the only way to avoid this potential fate was to "vote."

From ChicagoBusiness.com:
Obama moved from that to talking about a nativist mistrust and unease that has swept around the world. He argued that such things as the speed of technical change and the uneven impact of globalization have come too quickly to be absorbed in many cultures, bringing strange new things and people to areas in which "people didn't (used to) challenge your assumptions." As a result, "nothing feels solid," he said. "Sadly, there's something in us that looks for simple answers when we're agitated."

Still, the U.S. has survived tough times before and will again, he noted, particularly mentioning the days of communist fighter Joseph McCarthy and former President Richard Nixon. But one reason the country survived is because it had a free press to ask questions, Obama added. Though he has problems with the media just like Trump has had, "what I understood was the principle that the free press was vital."
Obama spied on journalist James Rosen as well as the Associated Press. Asked to comment on Trump's relationship with the press, Rosen said earlier this week: "I can bring a unique perspective to this because of my experiences under the Obama administration, and to my eye, nothing that this president has done to or with the news media at least yet even remotely approaches, in seriousness, in nature, that which the Obama administration did to and with the news media."

Even liberal journalist Glenn Thrush has said Trump's been more open with the press than Obama.

Saying Trump appeals to "native" Americans (as though that's a bad thing) and is therefor Hitler and will kill 60 bazillion people is the definition of giving people a "simple answer" when they're "agitated."
The danger is "grow(ing) complacent," Obama said. "We have to tend to this garden of democracy or else things could fall apart quickly."

That's what happened in Germany in the 1930s, which despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolph Hitler rose to dominate, Obama noted. "Sixty million people died. . . .So, you've got to pay attention. And vote."
According to Obama, if you don't vote Democrat, millions are going to die. He is directly channeling the Soros-funded Latino Victory Fund's ad from Virginia which unfortunately (for the country) seemed to have a lot of success in scaring non-whites to voting.

Also, in accordance with a new liberal talking point, the Weimar Republic was not a degenerate hellhole but a vibrant democracy.

He went on to say his biggest regret is not taking Americans' guns:
Obama said his greatest "regret and disappointment" was the failure to enact tighter controls on gun possession. Though the issue resonates in far different ways with different parts of the population, "something is broke," Obama said, his own voice breaking, as he talked about 6-year-old girls shot to death at Sandy Hook, girls not too different in age from his own daughters.
Despite a potential Trump holocaust on the horizon, we need to disarm everyday Americans.

As NewsBusters notes, the media has almost completely ignored this story.

A search of Google News shows only four articles, only one of which from NewsBusters pointed out this was an attack on Trump:

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