Tom Brokaw Shamelessly Attacks Woman Of Color Donna Brazile For Exposing Clinton

Chris Menahan
Nov. 06, 2017

Privileged, old white guy Tom Brokaw attacked former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile on Sunday for speaking out about Hillary Clinton buying the DNC.

Brokaw said Brazile's exposing Clinton was "beyond counter-productive" and even dropped Gen. John Kelly-esque comments about "gun firing" and "barrels."

From NewsBusters:
But during NBC’s Meet the Press, former anchor Tom Brokaw was not pleased with Brazile for shedding light on how the Clinton campaign bought the DNC and added it to their campaign arsenal. And towards the end of the program, he criticized her for doing so.

As the program was coming back from a commercial, Todd looked to veteran reporter Eugene Robinson and jokingly wondered, “What did the Clintons do to her? … I don't know what other way to ask this question.”
“No, it's a good question. She just said this morning on another network, you know, anybody that didn't like her telling her story can go to hell,” Robinson explained, quoting her appearance on ABC’s This Week from earlier in the day. “So, she's determined to tell her story and I too think there must have been some interaction between her and the Clinton campaign, between her and Clinton, some interaction that left a very sour taste in her mouth.”

Brokaw chimed in as he set his sights on Brazile. “Well, I think this is a manifestation of all that is wrong with the Democratic Party, frankly,” he chided. “I mean, this is a time they ought to be talking about the future and they ought to be organizing themselves about what they want to do with the country.”

He dismissed Clinton’s shady dealings with the DNC as something that people didn’t need to worry about anymore because the 2016 election was in the past. “Donna is well-known, as you all know, for kind of ready, fire, aim on a lot of the stuff she does,” he sneered, to Todd and one other panelist’s laughter. “But to go back over this now when they're trying to win congressional races and trying to get ready for '18 seems to me to be beyond counter-productive.” Todd then shifted the conversation to the gubernatorial race in Virginia.
Wow, just wow.

What does he mean she's "ready, fire, aim"?

That sure sounds like a racist dog-whistle.

As we all learned just a few weeks ago, John Kelly calling Rep. Frederica Wilson an "empty barrel" who "makes the most noise" was racism of the worst kind.

You'd think Brokaw would know better than to perpetuate such bigoted stereotypes.

Mr. Brokaw needs to apologize.

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