Protesters Seeking Martyrdom Throw Themselves On Man's Slowly Moving Car

Chris Menahan
Oct. 27, 2017

If you just read news headlines, you might have been tricked into believing a man "plowed" into a group of SEIU protesters near Los Angeles on Thursday.

If you actually watch the video of the incident, you'll see the protesters were blocking traffic and started bashing on the man's car when he began honking his horn and allegedly started lurching towards them.

Rather than merely step out of the way and let the man drive slowly past them, several of the protesters threw their bodies onto his vehicle in a bid to seek martyrdom.

"The alleged driver, 56-year-old Daniel Wenzek of Brea, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon," the LA Times reports. "He was booked and released pending further investigation, according to Lt. Kelly Carpenter of the Brea Police Department."

No one was injured in the alleged "assault," but several of the protesters checked into a local hospital for dramatic effect.

Here's how the hysterical local media reported on the incident:

They interview one of the women who jumped onto his car, who says in broken English: "I don't see him, anyways that he's gonna stop, so I'm like, he's just gonna run him over, so my only thought was like, jumping on the car, and I thought like, maybe he's gonna stop when I do that."

Perhaps you could merely step out of the way of his slow moving vehicle instead of jumping on it and trying to ride it like the other "victim" that can be seen casually leaning on his hood without a care in the world for his own safety?

Unfortunately, the driver appears to be an unsavory character who is allegedly a registered sex offender, so we can assume nothing will come of this and the man will probably get the electric chair.

Regardless, this is a new phenomena which is happening almost every month now.

Mobs of angry protesters block traffic, attack people for honking their horns, then throw themselves onto their victim's vehicles in a bid to achieve martyrdom and get social media fame.

One can imagine a future world in which driving anywhere becomes impossible unless one is willing to brave the streets filled with "wokeness" activists and risk being criminally charged just for trying to get work.

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