Hollywood Seeks To Distract From Weinstein Scandal With Anti-NRA Propaganda Push

Chris Menahan
Oct. 18, 2017

Hollywood hacks eager to distract from the Harvey Weinstein scandal released a propaganda video Wednesday asking people to call congress and tell them to "reject the NRA."

The video is from "Everytown for Gun Safety," an anti-gun Democratic group backed mainly by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It features Emma Stone, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore and others (who no doubt said "yes" to Weinstein and other industry bigwigs advances in exchange for fame) demanding Americans be disarmed.

They tell gullible liberals to text a number on their phone and then follow their guide on how to contact their congressmen. They say to tell your representative a few lines which they've prerecorded and assure their viewers it will take zero mental exertion.

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They specifically oppose two popular and reasonable bills which are backed by millions of law abiding gun owners, one for national reciprocity on concealed carry permits and another to lessen regulations on suppressors so gun owners can stop going deaf.

Everyone should call their representatives and tell them they support both of these bills. Add that you want the DOJ to investigate Hollywood for rampant sex abuse.

It's worth noting that when Harvey Weinstein was first exposed, he wrote a rambling letter saying he was going to dedicate his life to fighting the NRA.

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