D'Souza Accepts The Left's Big Lie About America

The Daily Caller
Oct. 16, 2017

Are Democrats the real Nazis?

According to conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza, the answer is a resounding yes, in spite of the absurdity of such a claim.

D’Souza’s latest bestseller “The Big Lie” aims to turn the tables on the frequent attacks that President Trump is a fascist by proving that his enemies are actually the real fascists.

There are two essential elements to D’Souza’s argument: fascism is a phenomenon of the Left, and the Democratic Party inspired the Nazis.

Recently, D’Souza has been at the forefront of promoting the idea that “Democrats are the real racists” and his last book/movie, “Hillary’s America,” was heavily dedicated to the subject.

Now he’s taking that talking point and adding a swastika to it.

“The signature concepts of Nazism–lebensraum, concentration camps, genocide–were all invented in this country by the Democrats,” reads one of D’Souza’s typical tweets promoting his book.

Even though this argument is advanced for the primary purpose of countering liberal framing of Republicans as fascists, it ends up with conservatives accepting left-wing history.

Leftists see American history as one of genocide, oppression and white supremacy. D’Souza agrees, but instead blames Democrats for all those terrible deeds instead of whites, southerners or just plain ole Americans.

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