"Brazil's Trump": Why Brazilians Want Jair Bolsonaro To Be Their Next President

"Not only has he never been convicted of corruption -- his name isn't even brought up in any graft scandal."
Chris Menahan

Oct. 05, 2017

Though it's getting little to no coverage in Western media, there's a strong possibility Brazil could elect a pro-gun, pro-family nationalist as their next President.

Former paratrooper Jair Bolsonaro, 62, has been dubbed "Brazil's Trump" because of his anti-globalist, nationalist policies and bold personality. He's been running second in the polls and the man in first could be barred from running due to a corruption conviction.

As Reuters reported last week:
A seven-term congressman, Bolsonaro is emerging as the law-and-order and anti-corruption candidate for the October 2018 vote. His support is fed by a surge in violent crime and Brazil’s worst-ever graft scandal, which has implicated much of the political class, including President Michel Temer.

For many disillusioned voters in Latin America’s largest country, Bolsonaro’s appeal lies in his clean record, with not a single allegation of graft raised against him.

[...]A poll by Datafolha in June put him second in voting intentions for the 2018 elections, at 16 percent, trailing only former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, at 30 percent, who has been convicted of corruption and could be barred from running.
I covered Reuters' article and praised Bolsonaro's run late last week. My article got picked up by the Brazilian independent media outlet Renova Media under the headline, "U.S. Independent Media Praises Bolsonaro: "Pro-Gun Nationalist and Pro-Family."

Jair Bolsonaro himself saw the article and shared it to his 625,000 followers on Twitter:

Outside of that one Reuters report, there's a near total blackout on his potential candidacy. I asked Brazilians to tell me why they're supporting Bolsonaro for President in the comments of my article and this is how they responded:

Gustavo Schneider said:
I support Bolsonaro because:

1- He has been the one of only politicians to stand up against the PC agenda and the UN globalist agenda.

2-He's tough on crime, he supports death penalty, he wants to give amnesty for criminal-killer cops, etc.

3-He has a pro-life, anti-abortion approach and he's pro-family.

4-He's anti-communism and supports the free-market, less taxes and regulations.

5-He's against gun control.

6-He is against open borders.

7-The leftist mainstream media hates him, I guess that's a good thing, huh.

8-He has never been convicted of corruption.

I think that's enough.

Nelson Pedrozo said:
I make Gustavo Schneider's words mine, and would add:

2.1) He is the ONLY candidate to take the widespread violence issue seriously. Brazil has the highest homicide count in the world, with a civil-war level of 60,000 murders every year.

8.1) Not only has he never been convicted of corruption -- his name isn't even brought up in any graft scandal.

9) He wants a complete overhaul of the education system

10) He's for ending government-funded left-wing "culture"-related projects

11) He's against racial quotas for schools and jobs, under the thesis that we are all equal. It's one thing to aid someone in need of temporary financial aid; it's another to benefit them due to the color of their skin (or, even more outrageously, due to their sexual orientation, or what not.)

12) He wants a smaller government

13) He wants less taxing (which would only be possible with less government). Brazillians pay almost 50% of what they earn in the sum of the hundreds of different (and, many times, hidden) taxes that exist around here.
Mittzu said:
1 - I support mister Bolsonaro because he is the only right-wing politician (and has been for at least 2 decades) running for the 2018 election.

Bolsonaro has been speaking out against communism for decades now. He endorses the millitary regime (media calls it dictatorship, but that's because they are #fakenews), and all decent brazilians supported that regime! Those filthy commies were trying to impose a dictatorship of the proletariat in our country, and our brave soldiers saved us!

2 - I support mister Bolsonaro because he goes against all the mainstream bs every alienated TV viewer believes.

The media have already found a FAKE RIGHT-WING candidate to promote, so now they have pushed Bolsonaro to the far side and they are calling that f. communist globalist a right-wing candidate! I can't just stand the way the media manipulate us... I feel weak, powerless, I feel like they think they own us and they decide who becomes president of this country.

3 - Main point I support this man: he's against gun control.

What kind of democracy is this where the state tells how I should defend myself? In this case: Or how I SHOULD NOT defend myself.

As a great brazilian philosopher once said: " Gun control is genocide".

Raphael M. said:
He will be the only president that Brazilians [can] be proud to call "my president."
Felipe Cunha said:
He's a good guy, he's completly against PC so sometimes he could look quite bad but if you take a moment to listen to him you will see that he's 99,9% right.

Look at this short interview with subtitles.

Fulano Cicrano Beltrano said:
With due particularities, Bolsonaro is for Brazil what Trump is for the United States of America, the political and media establishment of their countries does not like any of them, and the leftist side of the political spectrum depends on the most ridiculous narratives, and manipulations of the masses, to try to attack them.

Brazil, like the United States for the most part, has a large population imbued with patriotism, conservative people, mostly christian, with all due democratic laws, giving rights to all, including minorities who have no religion. The world needs, more than ever, non-globalist leaders. Defenders of basic values that sustain a worldide society, and strong nations.

In this era of digital communication, with internet/facebook/twitter/youtube, what happened in the last year elections is not an isolated phenomenon. And the good journalists around the world have noticed this.

Pedro said:
My opinion: Bolsonaro is really a great character, brave and patriotic. But the problem is that the Republic, unlike the American republic, is corrupt and antidemocratic from its foundation.

In the United States the party that abolished slavery (Republican Party) remained in power. In Brazil, who abolished slavery were Princess Isabel and her father Emperor Don Pedro, but the small Republican party that existed at the time and was against the end of slavery, began a conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy and establish a positivist utopian Republic.

The staff of this party joined with powerful coffee farmers and a part of the army and dethroned the emperor. They took him and his whole family into exile in France, closed the Conservative and Liberal party that existed at the time, changed the flag, changed the national anthem, all without the permission of the people. From then until today Brazil lives a veiled dictatorship.

What is releasing us is the internet, because we can have information about the history of the country and so that we can act correctly.

The imperial family returned from exile and still today remains intact in their love for Brazil, and the disposition of the divine will to restore the Monarchy. In my opinion only the return of the Monarchy can resurrect Brazil. The Brazilian Republic is antidemocratic by nature, did not let Bolsonaro go very far. I hope I'm wrong.
Jones Lumena de Azevedo said:
He defends the Family, is pro-gun because we know that only bandits are armed and we good citizens are unarmed, he is against this socialist / communist left, he will be elected because we know that most Brazilians think the same, Bolsonaro2018.
Davi Martins said:
I am Brazilian, and I am gonna vote for Bolsonaro in 2018, for simple reasons. First of all he is not corrupt , until now the huge police operation havent found anything agains him , second of all he represents the conservative movement in Brazil, movement that no other candidate supports. He is also pro guns and that is good for all the population, he also wants to change the way our economy goes and stop giving our natural resources for free and come on, if all the corrupt politicians say bullshit about him but still think they are the correct ones, then it makes think that he is better choice for 2018.
[Some formatting and spelling errors were corrected to improve readability.]

Brazil is a massive country with over 206 million people and has the world's seventh-largest economy by GDP. They elected a former Marxist guerrilla to be their president in 2011 and she looted the place and destroyed their economy. The country has been so beaten down they're finally ready for change and Jair Bolsonaro is as good as it gets.

Patriotic nationalists across the West should do everything in their power to support his candidacy.

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