Donald Trump's Congressional Deputy Trades DACA Amnesty For Tax Cuts, Not Border Wall

Sep. 12, 2017

President Donald Trump's top congressional aide is prioritizing a new "DACA" amnesty and a tax cut ahead of Trump's promised border wall, according to news reports.

The congressional relations aide, Marc Short, told reporters September 12 that he is not asking Democrats for any concessions — such as funding for a border wall or passage of the RAISE Act — as they draft an expensive new amnesty for many younger illegals, including the 800,000 illegals who are covered by former President Barack Obama's DACA amnesty since 2012.

"We're interested in getting border security and the president has made the commitment to the American people that a barrier is important to that security," Short said, according to "Whether it's part of DACA or another legislative vehicle, I don't want to bind us into a construct that would make the conclusion on DACA impossible."

During the breakfast, Short touted the importance of a tax cut. "It is essential to us — right now," he said.

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