Taking Down Christopher Columbus

The Daily Caller
Sep. 12, 2017

In his widely-touted “60 Minutes” interview, Breitbart chief Steve Bannon appeared to disagree with the notion that all Americans are immigrants, except for Native Americans.

“This is the thing of the leftists. Charlie, that’s beneath you,” Bannon responded to Charlie Rose’s lecturing on the matter, while continuing to reiterate that America was built on her citizens — not immigrants.

That comment received flak in its refusal to grant credence to one of the great articles of faith of our time — America must not place limits on immigration because we’re all immigrants, except for Native Americans.

This belief implies that Amerindians are the only ones who have the right to criticize immigration, even though it’s a great thing that nobody should criticize.

It’s an odd assumption because the Native American experience doesn’t quite make a stirring example of the benefits of mass immigration.

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