Christian Parents May Sue School Allowing Six-Year-Old to Change 'Gender Identity'

Sep. 11, 2017

A Christian family is preparing to sue a school for allowing children to change their 'gender identity' on a daily basis, and for implying parents who oppose are bigoted and "transphobic".

Much of the mainstream media has claimed the parents are opposed to boys wearing a dress. But their legal representatives have said clothing is "trivial" and the issue is about "ideology" and confusing very young children.

Nigel Rowe, 44, and his wife Sally, 42, removed their six-year-old son from an unnamed school after a classmate was declared "transgendered" and came to the school demanding to be recognised as female on some days.

The family now intends to educate the boy at home on the Isle of Wight alongside his eight-year-old brother, who was pulled out of the same school a year ago when a boy in his class also started claiming to be transgendered.

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