Disqus Working With Google's Jigsaw On 'Toxic' Comment Filter

Chris Menahan
Sep. 07, 2017

Comment hosting service Disqus has teamed up with Google's Jigsaw to create a new "toxic" comment filter, which from the preview appears to be targeted at suppress right-wing speech.

From OneAngryGamer:
The current moderator tools in Disqus allows users to filter out comments by IP address, by words, and even via links. What’s more is that if those tools aren’t enough, users can manually block, report or ban users on the actual comment threads. Well, apparently that’s not enough, which is why Disqus has added a new “Toxic” filter for moderators to use in order to censor or ban comments.

The new filter was recently added to the Disqus comment app, and the Disqus staff explained how it works in a recent post made over on the official website.

Disqus used data collected and published in collaboration with the left-leaning website Wired in order to create their new API to monitor and flag comments as “toxic”. You can see the scale of “toxicity” with the comment rating system below from the websites recent Internet Troll Map.

Based off the chart, the only non-toxic speech is talking about food.

It's considered "mildly toxic" for right-wingers to defend themselves against Hitler comparisons with standard conservative-speak. It's also considered mildly toxic to say people are being deceived by wolves in sheep's clothing and have their heads in the sand. Calling liberals "devil lovers," which in the case of Saul Alinsky -- whom Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis about -- is literally true.

The opening of Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" dedicates the book to Lucifer.

As I noted late last month, Google's Jigsaw is headed by Jared Cohen, a former State Department employee under Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who helped foment the Arab spring.

Jigsaw assembled this fine cast of characters in 2015 to help "fight online abuse."

Now, Disqus is plugging into their automated censorship system.

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