Nets Censor Bombshell That Comey Didn't Wait For Facts to Rescue Hillary

By Scott Whitlock
Sep. 02, 2017

Conclusion first, facts second. That, allegedly, was the mentality of ex-FBI Director James Comey in dealing with Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal. Yet this revelation was ignored by ABC, CBS and NBC on Thursday and Friday. Comey, who was fired by Donald Trump in May, decided against criminal charges of Hillary Clinton before 17 interviews of witnesses were even complete. Fox News, MSNBC and CNN all highlighted the story.

Yet, despite a combined nine and a half hours of air time on Thursday night and Friday morning, the networks couldn’t be bothered. To be clear, the reason for ignoring this damning development WASN’T Hurricane Harvey. That natural disaster (deservedly so) garnered a lot of coverage.

But NBC’s Today, a four hour program, on Friday devoted four minutes and two seconds to finding the best new coffee maker. CBS This Morning looked at the future of Uber for three minutes and 53 seconds. (CBS News covered the story, but online.)

ABC’s Good Morning America promoted “Force Friday” for two minutes and 17 seconds. Force Friday celebrates the release of new Star Wars toys. ABC is owned by Disney, the company that owns the sci-fi franchise. GMA made sure to tell viewers they could purchase toys on, a sponsor of the show. What was that journalists were saying about collusion and shady connections between powerful forces?

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