St. Louis: Man Drives Through Protesters Blocking Street After They Attack His Car

Chris Menahan
Aug. 24, 2017

Video from Wednesday night shows a man driving through a violent mob of Trans Lives Matter "protesters" after they blocked an intersection and started attacking his car.

Members of the mob appear to have thrown their bodies onto his car in the hopes of becoming martyrs and achieving social media fame.

Three of the "protesters" received minor injuries and the driver was taken into police custody, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

From STL Today:
Police and a witness gave differing versions of how protesters were injured when a driver pulled into a group that had blocked an intersection on Wednesday night.

The witness, Keith Rose, said the driver had his middle fingers raised before he accelerated through the group of people who were blocking Manchester Avenue and Sarah Street in the Grove neighborhood.

But St. Louis police said the driver stopped, honked and attempted to drive around the protesters before some of them surrounded his car and began hitting it with their hands and a flag pole.

The police statement, from spokeswoman Schron Jackson, said that three protesters were injured after they jumped onto the car and fell off when the driver pulled away.

Jackson said the driver was taken into custody about a block from the intersection after initially refusing to stop for officers. She said the incident was captured on video.

A video taken by Heather De Mian, a vigil attendee at the scene, also captured the incident.
Not mentioned in the above article is that the protesters were blocking traffic in protest of police shooting Kenneth "Kiwi" Herring, a "transgender" biological male who was reportedly shot after stabbing a police officer.

From The Daily Mail:
Police were responding to a domestic dispute call at 8am and arrived to find a 30-year-old man wounded with stab wounds across his face, arms and torso, reported the St. Louis Dispatch.

Interim police Chief Lawrence O'Toole said cops saw Herring armed with a large kitchen knife and lunged at officers with it when they asked her to drop the weapon.

Herring reportedly lunged at an officer and wounded them.

This prompted police to fire at Herring, shooting the woman dead.

O'Toole said: 'The suspect flourished a knife and slashed at the officers, slicing one officer on the arm. The officers fired and shot and killed the suspect.'

However, the police described Herring as a man in their reports, although she identifies as woman, which sparked public outcry within the St. Louis community.

Kristopher Kristy Thompson, was Herring's partner and was arrested over the altercation.
Thompson, 28, was charged on Wednesday with assault and armed criminal action, as the neighbor who was stabbed is in serious but stable condition.

Herring's sister-in-law told the Post Dispatch that Thompson is a transgender man.

She said the couple had moved to the area from Mississippi and were raising three boys under the age of eight in the apartment, who were biologically Thompson's children.
We're living in the Twilight Zone.

Another similar case to this one happened two months ago in June in St. Louis after a young man wielding an AK-47 was killed in a shootout with police. Protesters took to the streets to block traffic and call for "justice."

A presumably female protester was seen blocking traffic and refusing to move out from in front of a car. The rest of the mob then surrounded the car. When they moved in for the attack the driver sped off despite the woman standing in his way. It doesn't appear as though she sustained any major injuries, seemingly zero media reports were written about it, but she no doubt got to bask in her victimhood.

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