Poll: Everyone Prefers Working With Men

Chris Menahan
Aug. 03, 2017

Both men and women prefer to work with men, according to a new poll from MSN.

From Business Insider:
In a poll conducted earlier this month by Business Insider partner MSN, more than 90% of men and women said they were comfortable with having a boss of the opposite gender.

But their preferences tell a different story.
One in five men said they preferred working with men. Men with less education are more likely to say so. Among men who said they preferred working with their own gender, 24% had only a high-school diploma, 20% had some college, and 16% had a college degree or more.

The stats are about the same for women who prefer working with men, at 21%. Of those women, 24% had gone through high school, and 21% had gone through some college. Seventeen percent had college or more.

Other data backs this up. A Wall Street Journal poll last year found that both genders still preferred male bosses. The same percentage of men and women, 6%, said they preferred working with women, according to MSN's poll.
Even though everyone wants to work with men, Business Insider's Rachael Levy still managed to spin this into a story of male bashing.

Levy writes:
The data highlights how women are perceived at work, a domain largely unavailable to them until fairly recently. It also highlights that women are fighting an uphill battle. A large group of people, mostly men, don't want to work with them, don't think they should have to, and don't think there is a problem.
According to the polls, the problem is with women, hon.

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