New York Times Misleads Again On U.S. Intel Agencies' Russia 'Interference' Assessment

Jul. 10, 2017

TEL AVIV — The New York Times published an article using an unsupported argument already negated by the CIA's former director, John Brennan, as well as a recent extensive Washington Post article, to explain why all 17 of the United States' intelligence agencies did not assess charges that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

This after the Times recently had to issue an editor's note clarifying that the Russian interference conclusion was drawn by "four intelligence agencies" and not 17, as the Times and major news agencies worldwide falsely reported.

Ironically, after propagating the falsehood about 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, the Times' latest misleading claim comes in the form of an article last Thursday titled, "Trump Misleads on Russian Meddling: Why 17 Intelligence Agencies Don't Need to Agree."

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