A blood-pumping Satanist woman caught in Odessa

Jan. 30, 2006

Odessa, January 30, Interfax - A woman has been detained in Odessa, who conducting rituals over minors pumping out their blood.

The vampire woman was detained on Saturday, chief of the Kievsky district police department in Odessa, Victor Balan, told Interfax.

Earlier this woman was detained for similar actions. She was incriminated under Ukrainian Criminal Code Article 322 in the illegal organization or running of a place for the use of psycho-active drugs and under Article 324 in the enticement of minors into the use of psycho-active drugs. She had been sentenced to two-year imprisonment conditionally and released from custody in the court hall.

A month later she was detained again during a seance of black magic over minors.

She conducted these rites at least three times a week. To this end, she invited homeless children to her place, gave them vodka to drink and then pumped out their blood she used in her rituals.

Under the name of Mr. Krait, she placed advertisements in newspapers announcing seances of black magic for 600 dollars each.

As it turned out during the investigation, there is an organization in Odessa called ‘Red Dragon’. Its members performed black magic rituals using human blood. The leader of this Satanic group has been identified. He collected all the money rank-and-file Satanists made out of black magic.

The police has reported that the children the vampire women used to pump out their blood are alive.

Ukrainian vampire drugged children and drank their blood

03/07/2005 - A vampire has been arrested in Ukraine after luring street children into her home for their blood.

Diana Semenuha, 29, believed that drinking blood could fend off a muscle-wasting condition.

She kept the children intoxicated on drugs and alcohol and bled them regularly, selling the surplus to other black magic practitioners. When that weakened them, she dumped them back on the streets and lured replacements with the promise of a place to sleep and a hot meal.

Police raided Semenuha's apartment in the Black Sea port of Odessa after a tip-off.

Olga Buravceva, a spokesman, said: "The apartment was painted black, with all the windows covered with thick black cloth to stop natural light coming in. The only light came from black candles, and there was a heavy, sickening odour of some sort of incense in the air."

Detectives found seven drugged children strapped to beds and benches, and a large, black knife and silver goblet engraved with satanic symbols.

Ukraine has an estimated 200,000 street children, whose widespread addiction to glue sniffing and alcohol made them easy prey for the woman dubbed the "vampire witch" by local media.

Semenuha's arrest exposed an occult network in the city. Many claimed to have been taught by Semenuha and said that she would cut herself and let them drink her blood.

One of the children, named only as Andrei, told police: "She gave me vodka and I sniffed some glue. But than she came up to me with a syringe and asked me to stretch out my hand. I didn't feel any pain because I was too scared. She drew the blood with the syringe and a needle and than put it in her silver bowl and drank it, murmuring in some strange language."

Semenuha, who when arrested gave her profession as "witch", has admitted holding the children. "I let them sniff glue, but I paid for it and took a small amount of blood in return," she said. "But there was no violence involved, I also fed them and gave them shelter."

Police fear that she could escape prosecution for corrupting minors and plying them with alcohol because the seven children found at her home have since escaped from care and gone back on the streets.

"Witch forces 7 teenagers to become her blood donors"

("Pravda," June 18, 2005)

Odessa, Ukraine - A 29-year-old member of a satanic sect was arrested on the crime scene in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. The young woman lured seven teenagers to her home and drugged them to take their blood for sectarian rituals. Police officers found the teenagers in the apartment of the 29-year-old woman named only as Diana. The sectarian's victims were off their minds with drugs and alcohol. The woman's apartment was filled with occult pictures, posters, black magic books, candles and utensils adorned with satanic symbols.

"We took the guys outdoors and saw that their arms were all cut. The boys were very frightened. They said that it was Diana, who cut their arms to take their blood," a police officer said.

Diana started suffering from a serious disease when she was an eighth-grader: the girl had muscle atrophy. She decided to use the help of religion in a desperate attempt to recover from the disease. Diana came across a book on theory and practice of black magic. Having studied the theory of black magic, she made up her mind to practice it. She painted the walls, the floor and the ceiling of her room black and hung black curtains on the window. She became a secluded and aggressive girl. When Diana's parents made her leave home, she rented an apartment in Odessa and practiced witchcraft to make her living.

"The arrested woman told us that she was helping people, who wanted to cast an evil spell on their rivals or enemies. She became known in the society of black magicians. We found the "witch diploma" in her apartment, which she received from Red Dragon magic order in the beginning of the last year.

Diana used human hairs, nails and blood for her rituals. The witch had problems with blood supplies, which made the woman look for an alternative way to obtain it. One day Diana invited a homeless man to come to her apartment for dinner. The man brought six friends along: they became permanent blood donors of the evil-doer. Diana was keeping her victims indoors 24/7.

"She made us drink vodka and smell glue to cloud our minds. Then she would take a black knife, cut our wrists and take our blood," one of the released teenagers told the police.

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