WashPo: This Photo Of An Oblivious Drunk Proves London Is Not 'Reeling' From Terror Attack

Chris Menahan
Jun. 05, 2017

Everything is fine in London despite people being mowed down in the streets because one photo shows a drunk idiot calmly walking with a beer while those around him are fleeing for their lives, at least that's what's implied in this front-page story from The Washington Post.

From The Washington Post, with the front-page headline reading: "Britain shows its stiff upper lip with a simple message — and a photo of a man holding a pint amid the chaos":
The first reports of "an incident" in London emerged Saturday evening.

Within hours, cable news channels were saturated with the all-too-familiar loop of panicked faces, desperate crowds scurrying for safety and scowling, heavily armed police. On Sunday morning, the New York Times said the latest terrorist attack in London had targeted a nation "still reeling" from a suicide bombing in Manchester last month.

On Sunday, some Londoners started pushing back against the notion that their city -- if not their country -- was trembling in fear. They had a simple message: "London is not reeling." Their resistance was epitomized by an image that has been shared more than 26,000 times showing a British man casually holding a pint as he joins others fleeing the scene of Saturday night's attack.

Steely resilience in the face of unforgiving tragedy is considered a fixture of British patriotism, according to the popular narrative. That defiant love of country was forged amid the Nazi bombing campaigns of World War II, the narrative goes, a period in which ordinary Londoners kept their chins up as death rained from above.
Everything is fine because they're not under a Nazi bombing campaign, rather they're under constant, permanent siege by Muslim terrorists who pose as their friends and target their children.

Smug liberals, who were not run over or blown up in the recent attacks, are celebrating how unaffected they are by their kin being heinously murdered all over the UK by Muslim terrorists they invited in.
British social-media users were quick to remind the world of that courageous spirit in the wake of Saturday's attack.

"Keep Calm and Carry On" -- the popular World War II mantra that came to define the city's resolute character -- was resurrected online.

In a statement posted on Twitter, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was appalled by the "horrific attack" but noted that London "will never be cowed by terrorism."

Police say the attack began when a van targeted pedestrians on London Bridge before the vehicle's occupants exited with knives and began stabbing people on the street and in nearby bars and restaurants, according to The Washington Post's Griff Witte, Karla Adam and Rick Noack. The attack occurred less than two weeks after a suicide bomber struck at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring 116, many of them young girls.

London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick confirmed that seven people were killed in the Saturday rampage. The three attackers were fatally shot by police about eight minutes after authorities were alerted, The Post reported.

The London Ambulance Service earlier said it had taken "at least 48 patients to five hospitals across London."
To be clear: smug liberal Londoners chose to direct their anger for this latest Muslim terrorist attack not at the Muslims killing them in the name of Allah, but at the New York Times for accurately noting that this latest attack came when Londoners were "still reeling from the shock of the bombing in Manchester almost two weeks ago when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the doors of an Ariana Grande concert."

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