VIDEO: 'Fake Homeless Woman' Threatens To Kill Man For Exposing Her

Chris Menahan
May. 22, 2017

Viral video out of Richmond, Virginia shows a "fake homeless woman" threaten to kill a man after he filmed her taking her panhandled earnings to her nice new car.

According to Maryland MVA records, the car is a 2016 Fiat 500X Easy. It also appears that she’s the original owner and it was bought new. Her cardboard sign claims that she’s homeless. However, she later claims in the video that she has a disability.

“What’s your disability?” the man filming her asks.
The woman refuses to respond and seeks help from McDonald’s employees who refuse to assist her.

The woman continues to grow more irate, telling the man filming her that his actions are going to get him killed.
"Someone's going to end up killing you," she tells the man filming.

Here's an interesting comment from YouTube:

"She is part of a group of people working together in the West End. I am an Uber driver and I see them all the time. There is the young couple who just had a baby. There is the pretty redhead who is new to the group claiming to be stranded from Ohio. There is the older woman who is usually around Springfield and Broad. There's a number of them a least 10. All one group, pooling income and living in a house off of Parham Road. The have at least 3 cars. They're likely a Gypsy family (Group) that are probably hauling in thousands every month. I see them everyday. I never give them a cnt. With the money they're bringing in, they're better off than I am."

UPDATE: The woman has been identified as 40-year-old Micha Leigh Dominguez of Tappahannock. She was arrested by police on Monday afternoon for "throwing three full Gatorade bottles" at a woman's car.

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