Rep Ted Lieu: Trump May Have Committed 'The Greatest Political Crime in History'

Chris Menahan
May. 18, 2017

California Representative Ted Lieu told CNN on Thursday that if Trump colluded with the Russkies he may have committed "the greatest political crime in history."

From the Free Beacon:
"Congressman, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, the President now saying you are part of a witch hunt. Your response?" [CNN host John Berman] asked.

"My response is it may be this is the greatest political witch hunt in history, or it may be the greatest political crime in history," he said. "That's why I am so pleased that a special counsel has been investigated to see in fact what has happened."
Berman responded incredulously to Lieu's sweeping claim.

"If his tweet was hyperbolic," said the CNN host, "then that statement you just made was equally hyperbolic. The greatest political crime in American history? That's a high bar, sir, considering of course Watergate."

Lieu persisted.

"If there was collusion with the Russians, that is far beyond what happened with Watergate," he said. "Collusion with the Russians, in fact, would be the greatest political crime in history that resulted in the election of a president."
I'm not sure if Lieu's statement was more retarded or Berman's statement that Watergate was the greatest political crime in history.

Watergate was stealing a pack of gum compared to lying the entire nation into war based off fake news.

Lieu is the same genius who said back in March: "The best way to oppose fake news is for people to watch outlets like MSNBC, where you report real news all the time."

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