Counter-Coup? Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey

Chris Menahan
May. 09, 2017

Is President Trump moving to throw off the chains of the deep state?

From AP:
WASHINGTON — President Trump has fired the director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey, over his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, the White House said on Tuesday.

Mr. Comey was leading an investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau,” Mr. Trump said in a letter to Mr. Comey dated Tuesday.

“It is essential that we find new leadership for the F.B.I. that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission,” Mr. Trump wrote.

Officials at the F.B.I. said they were not immediately aware of Mr. Comey’s dismissal, which Mr. Trump described as effective immediately.
This makes sense as a chess move, now that he's been cleared by Comey and Diane Feinstein and James Manchin have admitted they've seen no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Of course, the Democrats are already calling for the Russia investigation to go into overdrive:

As I said before, the whole Russia investigation is purely a deep state pressure tactic. Their outrage is a good sign this is actually Trump moving against the deep state.

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