Muslim BLM Supporter Who 'Hates White People' Kills 3 in Fresno, Screams 'Allahu Akbar'

Chris Menahan
Apr. 18, 2017

Black supremacist Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, shot and killed three white people in Fresco, California on Tuesday while screaming "Allahu Akbar."

Muhammad reportedly gunned down white people at random with a .357 revolver while making his way towards Catholic Charities on North Fulton Street.

Muhammad was wanted by police for allegedly murdering a security guard at a Motel 6 last Thursday.

A gunman with an affinity for the Dallas police shooter moved randomly from person-to-person, murdering three people in downtown Fresno, California, and he shouted Allahu Akbar as he was arrested, police said in a news conference.

The accused shooter – who had posted about Black Lives Matter and allegedly told police he “hates white people” – was named as Kori Muhammad (Kori Ali Muhammad), already a wanted suspect in the earlier slaying of a Motel 6 security guard. The guard makes the total of deceased victims four.

Muhammad posted the phrase “Allahu Akbar” on Twitter too, writing all in caps that he thanked “ALLAH FOR THE CATACLYSMIC NATURAL DISASTERS STRIKING America.” It’s not clear which natural disasters he meant, but his rambling social media posts show a fixation with the weather.
Altogether, the gunman wounded four people in the downtown shootings, killing three of them; all of those victims were white men, reported the Fresno Bee, which added that police said Muhammad had also expressed “dislike of whites” on Facebook.

Muhammad has a criminal history in federal court with indications of previously mental health issues, and he filled his Facebook page with ramblings about “Asiatic black national demand” and “the lost found Asiatic black nation.”

Last July, he posted about the Dallas police shootings, writing, “They shot Our Brother from a 100 yards through a structure. Guess you didn’t have a robot. #ENJOYPARADISEGOD.” He also posted a photo of a man smiling with the caption, “My face when grafted white devils die.” (The post also includes a racial slur to some blacks.)

He also shared a post that labeled the killer of five Dallas police officers a “hero,” writing, “HE LOVED US ENOUGH TO KILL AND DIE FOR US. WE HONOR HIM #LETBLACKPEOPLEGO.” The Dallas police shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson was motivated by Black Lives Matter and police shootings.
Screenshots from his Facebook profile show he had a deep hatred for white people,
whom he called "white devils," and celebrated their deaths.

He also supported the Black Lives Matter movement:

Muhammad supported "Hotep" concepts which revolve around culturally appropriating the history of ancient Egyptians.

The AP attracted controversy on Twitter for saying Muhammad shouted "God is great" during the shooting. In fact he shouted "Allahu Akbar," which translated to "God is great" in Arabic.

Video from Muhammad's YouTube channel shows he called for bringing "destruction and wrath upon America."

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