WATCH: Migrant Changes Story After Being Confronted Crossing Border Illegally

Chris Menahan
Apr. 18, 2017

It appears anyone who wants to can walk up to the Canadian border from upstate New York and get on the dole, so long as you say you're a "refugee" fleeing "Eritrea," or "Saudi Arabia," or whatever.

From Rebel Media:
Moments after The Rebel crew and I filmed one Muslim male from the Middle East illegally entering Canada from upstate New York, we ran into another!
While driving south from the US-Canadian border after filming an Eritrean fake refugee who abandoned his wife and children to illegally enter Canada, another single male was making his way to the illegal crossing point, except this time, he was travelling by foot.

Initially, the migrant says he, too, is from Eritrea. However, when pressed, he changes his story and admits to hailing from Saudi Arabia.
Watch the previous report, it's even more shocking.

Polls show the majority of Canadians overwhelmingly support deporting illegal immigrants such as these, nonetheless the government is accepting these criminals with open arms.

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