MSNBC Fears Birds Won't Be Able to Fly Over Trump's Wall

Chris Menahan
Apr. 14, 2017

MSNBC had "wildlife biologist" Jeff Corwin on Friday to claim Trump's border wall could kill off a bunch of endangered species and even prevent birds from migrating.

This just might be the dumbest cable news segment of all time.

From NTK Network:
Rep. Raúl Graijalva (D-AZ) and the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit against the federal government alleging the wall will negatively impact endangered species.

“We’ve got over a hundred migratory birds that will be impacted from this wall,” Jeff Corwin, a wildlife biologist, told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin.

Melvin asked Corwin why couldn’t the birds just fly over the wall.

Corwin told Melvin that many birds could fly over the wall, but cited bats as a type of animal that would be negatively impacted by the wall.

While specific details of the wall have not yet been finalized, it seems doubtful that the wall would be high enough to prevent birds from flying over it.
Hey Corwin, we need the border wall because "native" Americans are becoming an endangered species due to other peoples' migratory travels. Our habitat is being negatively impacted by MS13 drug gangs.

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