Trump Agenda On Offense: 7 Stories in 24 Hours Give President's Base Hope

Mar. 28, 2017

Politics is one of those sports where the team playing defense doesn't get to score many points. Democrats are working hard to keep President Trump on defense, using an even more aggressive version of the same playbook they run against every Republican president. They think the collapse of Speaker Paul Ryan's Obamacare repeal legislation last week gave them a new first down. Here are seven signs the Trump agenda has regained a great deal of momentum in just one day.

Jeff Sessions' crackdown on sanctuary cities: On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions strongly criticized "sanctuary cities" which refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and said billions in federal funding could be jeopardized by continued refusal to comply with the law.

Sessions said sanctuary cities are "making our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets," and cited overwhelming support from the American people for turning illegal alien criminals over to ICE. He noted that many of the aliens shielded by sanctuary cities are guilty of extremely serious offenses, including rape and murder.

This was unquestionably an aggressive move. The inevitable pushback from sanctuary apologists was panicked and defensive. They apparently thought the Trump administration had been intimidated out of pursuing such issues, especially after the president's executive order for a temporary visa suspension was sabotaged by activist judges. The Democratic playbook says Republicans withdraw from the field after the first sign of injury, and never run a play twice if it doesn't pick up significant political yardage on the first attempt.

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